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My trip to Warsaw and the cameras I’ve used.

On my recent trip to Poland I happen to have three cameras with me. Below is a short summary of the trip and comparison of those cameras.

Smartphone photography

Someone once said that the best camera is the one that’s with you. And I think that’s true. I had three different cameras with me and the most pictures were captured by my iPhone. It’s fast to turn on, automatic (you don’t need to think about ISO, aperture or shutter speed etc.) It’s small, although I have iPhone 6s Plus model which is quite big, but it’s slim so it still fits in my pocket.

The lens on this camera is amazing. The photos it produces are great; the quality is decent enough to print even. It also shoots 4K videos, and super slow motion at 240 frames per second. Time-lapse and panoramas are also good features. No wonder the iPhone is still the most popular camera in the world. And I love it too. When I spot something interesting I can quickly reach to my pocket and in less than 5 seconds the shot is mine. Just as an example. I was waiting for my train in an underground station in Warsaw and on the opposite platform I saw a pigeon landed from nowhere. I quickly managed to take one picture before it flew away.

Below you can see another shot from an iPhone. This time it’s from a hotel window in central Warsaw. If you want to get a better view out the window in any hotel, just say that you’re a photographer and they usually give you a room with a better view :-) I was supposed to have a room on the 3rd floor facing a less developed area, but when I told reception that I am a photographer for the same price they gave me a room on 29th floor facing the Palace of Culture and Science. The view was amazing.

Instant-camera photography

My other camera was a Polaroid Z340 camera which is in it’s own way awesome too. I have used it to create original postcards on the go. This way I am creating long lasting memories from the places I have visited. 

It’s not the smallest camera but this photography is a different kind of photography. You can print a photo straight after you’ve taken one and you don’t need to ‘shake it like a Polaroid picture’ anymore, with the ZeroINK® Technology, it prints quick (with no ink) and the picture is durable too. The quality of the photos might not be on the same level as from the DSLR camera, but I don’t mind it. It’s a great piece of equipment which prints photos instantly, plus you have a SD card inside which stores all your photos, so you can then post them online too. It even shoots videos which is great!

Below you can see few snaps from my trip.

DSLR photography

My Nikon D800 is amazing for high quality photographs, but I can’t always have it with me. It’s big, it’s heavy and I usually spend more time adjusting settings rather than actually shooting. On my trip to Poland I have only used it to take photos where I had more time to stop and actually take it out of my bag and compose a shot. As I always shoot RAW the problem I have with this kind of photography is that the pictures will then need to be processed, developed, retouched and exported as JPG on my computer back home. This is a longer process, but the final results are truly amazing. It is sometimes worth to carry a big DSLR camera with a heavy lens, because the quality of the images that you can produce is obviously much better then your smartphone camera. I always try to take my big DSLR camera out when I know that there will be good photo opportunities, but sometimes I end up carrying it all day and end up using my phone instead.

Below you can see two of my favourite shots I took with my DSLR when I visited Warsaw.

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