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Do I really need a new camera?

Do I really need a new camera?


With the release of new cameras (both in the DSLR and mirrorless market), it’s really tempting to ditch my Nikon D800 and upgrade to a brand new body. But I’ve been asking myself this very same question:

I mean, the one I currently have is still working. Not bragging here, but the sensor here is still in the top ten sensors made for the pro-consumer market. It’s competing with medium-format digital cameras, even after 7 years from its original release date.

It feels like camera companies are releasing a new body every couple of months now. And they usually say things like: revolutionary, stunning quality, the best image yet etc… But, in reality it’s not the camera that’s producing stunning, quality images. It’s you. We all understand that you need quality gear when it comes to commercial photography or video work. But from my experience what I found is that you don’t always need the latest gear. You just need a camera that works for you, and that you feel confident with it in any given scenario. What you really need (apart from your camera obviously) is an idea, lighting, composition and execution. You can add post-production to it if you want, but you know you can’t always 'Fix-it-in-post’. In commercial projects if the budget allows to have a better camera you would want to rent a better, newer body with a better focusing and resolution. But I know I run into risks which can either slow down the production on the day or completely fail the project completely, only because ie. I did not know that I need to do switch something off before the day. So getting a new gear means I need to spend extra time before the shoot, learning about the system and getting used to all the features. That is why I usually stick to the camera I know best.

“It's not the camera you own that matters,
it's the one you master”

Matt D'Avelia

Before my journey with Nikon I had Sony DSLR & Mirrorless cameras. I switched to Nikon because I love the ergonomics, support and a huge range of great glass.

Over the years I also found that the gear I use needs to be reliable, it needs to work! That is why I have two of the same Nikon D800 bodies, just in case one breaks I don’t need to spend time thinking about what settings I need to change etc. The bodies are the same and I always reset to my original settings before the shoot so it’s quicker to get back to what I was doing.

With purchasing a new camera you also have to take into the consideration that you’ll have to do some research, learn new settings, functions etc. You might forget something if it’s a different system from the one you had before.

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